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About Us

About Us

Since 1913, M. D. GUNASENA has become an established household name that resonates in the hearts and minds of people, as a trusted brand synonymous with education. Sovereign in ownership and true to its founding ethos, we hold ourselves accountable to one principle, our Vision: the advancement of human thought. Today, our core business is in Publishing, Printing, Book selling and Education. 2013 marked a significant milestone for the company; our 100th anniversary and the start of our second century.

We just ventured into developing the first functional eGift Voucher Application which is a significant milestone for the Company which continues to set trends and lead innovation in the industry.

You can now use this application to purchase, eGift Vouchers online where you can redeem them when purchasing your favourite books and stationery in any of our retail outlets, online store and when purchasing e-books on the Gurulugomi App. Furthermore, with a press of a button you could now gift or transfer an eGift Voucher to family and friends.

What better gift is there than to give a Gift of Knowledge!